Healing Hearts Ministry
This Ministry is dual-focused.
Are you suffering in silence after an abortion, or know of someone who is?
Perhaps you have experienced the pain that accompanies a tragic
miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death?
God is Lord over it all and His HEALING is waiting...
Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life.  Research indicates that, as of 2011, nearly 30% of women of child-bearing age have experienced the pain of abortion(1).  That's 3 in 10 women.  These are your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, your wives, your friends, or even you...
The deeply rooted need to hide this event is instinctive and, often times, devastating!
As with any traumatic experience, many post-abortive women experience physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms related to the trauma.  Sadly, these symptoms are often overlooked and/or discounted.
With God's Holy Word as the Guide, we will walk you through the recovery process, step by step, and give you the tools necessary to emerge with the ability to walk in the healing and freedom that God has waiting for you.
We are happy to welcome LeeAnne Walker to lead this Ministry.  An overcomer herself, LeeAnne is a trained facilitator who has held retreats in Oklahoma and Missouri, and has walked through this healing process with numerous women.
"When I had an abortion over 20 years ago, I did what I thought was necessary.  I thought it was what was best for me and all involved.  I was a Christian and knew I was forgiven.  What I did not realize is this decision would actually harm me, not help me.  Over the years, the shame, grief and depression stole my identity and made me a shell of what I once was.  The "Forgiven and Set Free" study is a Biblical study that gently leads you to a place where you not only KNOW you are forgiven by the Lord, but also experience relief and healing from guilt and shame."  ~ LeeAnne Walker
Using the study "Forgiven and Set Free", this ministry is scheduled as 4 day Ministry Weekend.  Individual ministry is available by appointment.  Please contact us at Ministry@BettsMinistries.org for more details.
A baby's death,whenever or however it occurs, is a profound loss.  When a child dies before or shortly after birth, there may be precious few memories and little physical evidence that he or she ever existed.
Marriages are affected; family and/or friends don't fully understand the depth of your loss and pain; cliches are in abundance; and, faith is questioned.
Research indicates that, among women who already know they are pregnant, nearly 15% will have a miscarriage; nearly 1 in 200 pregnancies will end in stillbirth; and for every 1,000 babies that are born, six die during their first year of life(2).
In addition to the emotional responses of shock, despair, anger and confusion, women who experience miscarriage or stillbirth are, at the same time, struggling with the physical realities of having been pregnant, but without the joy of a child to hold.
Regardless of which road brought you to this valley of loss and grief, God is waiting for you, ready to meet you at your point of need and bring you out of the darkness.  You can hope again!
This Ministry is available through scheduled 1 day retreats or on an individual basis.  Please contact us at Ministry@BettsMinistries.org for more details.
(1) Guttmacher Institute (Guttmacher.org); OperationRescue.org; Abort73.com
(2) National Institute of Health (www.nih.gov); Center for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov)
  August 2020  
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