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My Journey Begins..... My life changed in just two days. I was invited to the Betts “Treehouse” Ministries in Caney, Oklahoma for a women’s retreat. I hadn’t been living right for quite some time or falling on my knees when I needed God the most. So my journey began on this Friday night at 6pm. A very sweet lady invited me to the women’s retreat and I said Yes! As we were the last two ladies to walk in that night I felt like all eyes were on me. I guess maybe the conviction I felt right away. I had said out loud in my car, when I was pulling up the driveway, “God I have an open heart and open mind”. We walk in and everyone was so inviting and welcoming all 23 of us in one house. We ate snacks and played games, we also started watching our Loving Well videos by Beth Moore. At first it was hard to truly pay attention as I began to pray silently, “God my heart is open and I am yours”. We finished our videos and everyone began to say good night. We stayed up until 3 AM like little schoolgirls talking, crying, laughing. We finally call it a night. We woke up to plates of our breakfast being made. Of course, we were the last two to walk down for breakfast. Once again all eyes on me. “I felt”!!! We sat down at the end of the table. Miss Doreen brings our plates and sit them down in front of us. As she sits my plate down she began to tell me God has a word for you! OK y’all if you can picture my face I’m shocked!!!! She says after you finish eating I will find you and tell you. I told her well it is OK you can tell me now. This is when my life truly changed, that very moment. She begins to tell me God knows that you don’t have a relationship with your father and that you have had bad relationships in the past. I began to cry because I knew that was only God because no one at this place new my home life nor did Doreen who is speaking to me. She also begins to tell me that I am to be obedient and patient, that God has a Boaz prepared for me and that my new family will be my son, my husband and me. In order for this to fall into place I must be patient. I’m just going to be real for a minute and say God knows patience isn’t my strong key!!! She begins to tell me that the book of Ruth is my book. I’m still crying and in shock so to speak. I flipped through my Bible many times and never realized there was a book of Ruth. The book of Ruth is broke down into four chapters and to sum it up it’s about Ruth finding her Boaz by being obedient and patient. As Doreen is walking away she also tells my friend she has a calling on her life. We both look at each other and she is thinking this girl is about to run for the hills. I didn’t!!!! I went into this retreat with an open heart and an open mind. To sum this up I came out with the relationship with the Lord. It’s been three weeks and I’m still so thankful God didn’t give up on me. I was a sinner. I rebelled against everything I knew was right. Now I pray every chance I get. I thank Jesus for His faithfulness and forgiveness. God had this whole weekend planned before I even knew it. My friend had prayed for me for two weeks before this and I had no clue! She was on my mind at 7:30 AM that Friday morning. So I sent her a text and she called me on my way to work. God was working on us both and it was in His time not ours. I hope whoever reads this will be filled with joy and somehow change their lives for the better because little did I know he changed mine by 12:00 PM on that Saturday.
PS, not only did this change my life but my sons also. He got the chance to pray over our lunch Saturday at the retreat and he had paid attention the whole time that we were there. “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21 “For your maker is your husband “ Isaiah 54:5
As I arrived at the Treehouse for a Homeschool Mom's retreat I was a little nervous and apprehensive, as this was my first retreat ever and I wasn't for sure what to expect. As I was driving up to it I prayed that God would show himself to me in a way that I had never known before. My life was a little off center, like a bubble in a level. Not quite all the way to one end, but just enough off that nothing quite worked out like it should. The minute I walked in the building I became completely at ease and calm. It was like a blanket of peace surrounded me. We took a walk to look over the property a little bit and I was awestruck with the cross on the hill. The next day I packed up some stuff in a backpack and headed back with the thinking that I would do some reading, writing, talking to God, or whatever. As I was walking up the road, God spoke to me and told me to pick up a rock. When I looked down I saw a plain rectangle flat gray rock and I stuck it in my pocket. I fully intended to sit in the swing and enjoy God's presence, but as I headed towards it, He told me to head on down the hill a ways. I got about half way down the hill, set my stuff down, and started to pray. I got no more than just a few words out when God spoke and told me, "No. Stop. Just Be Still and Know That I Am God". It such a loving, but commanding voice to my soul and I fell silent. As soon as I did, the very presence of God washed over me like a tidal wave. I have never in my life felt such an all encompassing power of God. He was everywhere! All I could do was raise my hands in praise and the tears flowed from my eyes in a constant stream. There were no words that could have been spoken that would have been sufficient for the love that I felt. The tears were not ones of sorrow, nor were they ones of joy. It was like a flood of God washed over me and flushed ME out to be replaced by Him! What a gift and what a blessing! I have no idea how long it lasted, it seemed like forever, and yet it seemed like it was over way to soon. When it subsided, and I was able to praise him and thank him, He spoke again and told me to write this date on my rock as a remembrance and a covenant between Him and me. It is small enough to sit where I spend most of my day and I can see it constantly. After a while, I headed back and that night I shared my experience as a testimony of His amazing love. And I knew that I had to see the cross at sunrise.
I set my alarm for 5:30 the next morning so that I wouldn't miss the sun coming up over the horizon and shining through the cross. As I was getting ready to head back up to the Hill I had a fleeting thought of how the previous day was possibly just an emotional thing. But as soon as I got out of my truck and headed to the same spot, the same presence once again flooded over me. I put on some praise music and for an hour I danced on the Hill with my arms raised to our Lord. The ground is uneven and at a slant, but not once did I trip or stumble, let alone fall. He had me in His loving arms and all I could do was worship and praise His name. The one thing that I can remember thinking is "This place right here is truly holy ground." God resides on the Hill and is just waiting for us to come and "Be Still and Know That He Is God".
In 1983 I had an abortion. I lived with regret, pain and self punishment. I called it giving God back my daughter. The truth is I agreed to have her killed. I didn't know I really had a choice and that God would have been by my side. I didn't know God the way I do know.

Recently I went to a Healing Hearts Ministry for Post abortion. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I wanted to be healed to a deeper level. I learned that from that abortion that so many negative things came out of that. I lived in self hatred for 10 years and dove into drugs and alcohol and a destructive lifestyle, hurting my sons in the process and ending my first marriage.

33 years later at The Healing Hearts Ministry I was set free. Free from guilt, free from regret, free from the unresolved mourning of my child. She no longer was a baby I gave back, she became a real child to me first, to Cathy in a vision, then a grown woman who awaits me in Heaven. I was able to truly mourn her in the comfort of Godly women who were there for me. No judgment, shame, embarrassment. Only the love of these women and the presence of Jesus holding me.

When the time came to place the memorial stone in a sanctified place made for aborted babies, it was the last of my mourning and I am now feeling the true joy that came in the morning. I am so free and forgiven first by Jesus then by myself.

I look forward to my reunion in heaven and I know she will recognize me! I cannot express the gratitude I have for Healing Hearts and the loving women who were appointed by God to walk me through. I am way healed. Hallelujah !!!
Virginia Jones
I don't think I ever shared this with you Doreen, but during our last ladies retreat, the Lord gave me a vision of your old oak tree, one night during our retreat, of coarse I had not yet been up to the cross and was unaware of the oak tree there, until the next morning, In the vision I saw your tree, but the vision was directed toward the truck of that tree, i saw inside the trunk, thousands of leaves all tossing and turning as if ready to come forth from that tree, to be born, the Lord showed me, your ministry is as a mighty oak tree, strong and deeply rooted, and is about to bring forth many souls for the kingdom of God, your labor of love is not gone un-noticed by heaven witnesses, and Jesus him self is your guide. so blessed to be a part of your ministry. commisioned by the Holy Ghost to share this with you today. love you dear sister in Christ Jesus.
Melba Lee
Being born again the Holy Spirit lives within us, so he travels with us wherever we go. Even Knowing this with all my heart and soul, His presence seems so much nearer to me when I go to the Treehouse. There are no denominational walls nor doctrines there. Worship is total, true worship; indeed, "in spirit and in truth". Because of this, the Holy Spirit operates in HIS realm, not ours. He isnt restricted to the boxes labeled "surgeries" or "prescription meds" or "counselors". He is free to be Himself, the God of all creation...Deliverer, Healer, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God. Come to the Treehouse and have an experience with Him like you've never known before-no matter how old or young you are in your walk with Him, His love and power will forever change you. Come enter HIS realm, and be healed, be delivered, be loved like only our God can do.
Lisa Hardman
I am continually amazed how "in tune" the morning message is with my life! This morning I was speaking to a friend about how important it is for churches to disciple new Christians. I could not form my thoughts to exactly say what I meant by that. THEN, I read this morning's message! EXACTLY what I was trying to say! Thanks Doreen. Love you so much! Lisa Hardman
Carla Stevens
I have been a Teller in a Bank for the past 2 1/2 years and had been experiencing pain in my left thumb from the repetitive motion of counting currency. The pain has gradually been getting worse. Sunday night, Pastir Loi askd if there was anyone who was experiencing pain in their left hand/wrist. I stood up as my pain was in the general area. I was prayed over and I was delivered and healed from this pain. Hallelujah!!! Praise God I no like longer have this pain!!!
Charlene Doyle
For the past week or more I have awakened with a headache. While at The Treehouse I was prayed over. I did not have a headache upon awakening today. Praise God and the Betts Ministry! 4-29-14
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