The Vision

One morning, while on The Hill at sunrise, God spoke to me a powerful word.

He said, "This place is for you, for them and for those who will be left behind".  I knew in an instant what He meant and this has become our Vision.

The "you" includes all those who are currently being ministered to here.

The "them" alludes to those who are yet to come seeking ministry.

"Those who will be left behind" speaks to the people who will remain after the rapture of the Church, and will find refuge in this place.

Years ago, God laid on my heart that this place would be used as a refuge for a great number of people.  At that time, I didn't fully understand the implication.

He recently brought that back to mind as He gave me a prophetic dream of confirmation...

In the dream, I was standing at what is now the entrance to the Ministry.  I could see up the road, through the train trussel, all the way into downtown Caney.  I watched as a marathon of people filled Main Street, headed in our direction.  Out in front of this great multitude of people was a man, leading the crowd, pointing ahead, and repeatedly saying, "I know a place".

I knew in my spirit that he was leading them to this Place of Refuge!